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by Class Tourists

We’re Class Tourists, a diy hardcore band from Barnsley, UK. Our new single is inspired by he hypocrisy of war, and how it’s nothing more than the rich subjecting people to horror and devestation whilst they sit cosy behind frontlines.

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Hey! You!

by Gumiho 구미호

Hey! You! is the first single from our last EP as band. The EP features 5 songs and was recorded last year during the pandemic while we also toured Korea extensively (yes we could tour during the pandemic). It represents the pinnacle of the band and us at our tightest.

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The Homisides

The Homisides are a female-fronted punk rock band with a sound straight out of the early 80's LA, NYC and UK punk scenes - but do not mistake this for a nostalgia act. These are old-school rage anthems made for modern times.

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