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I am an artist in small-town coastal NC, outside any music scene whatsoever. Literary storytelling and dark humor meet raw, urgent, lo-fi punk and power pop on this DIY record. Born out of an unbearably stressful period in my life and submitted from true backwater obscurity. Hope you enjoy!

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Tokyo Rose

by Everyday Dogs

We're Everyday Dogs: the skateboarding, Capri-Sun drinking, surfer-punk rockers of Athens, GA. Honestly, we wanted to make something that we thought was missing from music today: real people playing songs together that make you want to drive fast with the windows down.

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Fall of '99

by Don't Panic

We are Don't Panic and this is our song "Fall of '99." We are a rock and roll band from the Poconos in Northeast PA. The song is about being young, starting a band, and thinking that anything is possible. Being blissfully ignorant is always the best part of those times when you are starting out

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Sick Things

After years hustling and riffing hard in bands like Barnburner, Trigger Effect and Beat Cops, Sick Things have melded a sound like no other. Combining the hooks and melodies that Cheap Trick and The Cars forgot to write and the raw energy of The Hellacopters and The Buzzcocks.

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