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by Volka

We're Volka and our new track 'Run' is about self-doubt and feelings of exasperation with a bouncy pop-punk energy for a slightly different vibe to some of our material which tends to be dark and stomping. From Scotland and formed in 2015 we're all about high-energy live shows and catchy riffs.

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Stuck In Gravity (ft. Shaun Hill)

by FooN

Hi! We are FooN - a 4-piece alt rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Our new song "Stuck In Gravity" is in our humble opinion our best song to date. It features Shaun Hill of Led By Lanterns on guest vocals, and some MASSIVE guitars. The lyrics deal with how you must face your fears head on!

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Color Of Time

by Minai

"Color Of Time" An overwhelming excitement and a peaceful relief; "Color Of Time" is the leading single off our new EP "Love Has A Bitter Taste".

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When You Think It's Right

by Post Profit

Hi everyone, we're Post Profit and this is our new single titled "When You Think It's Right" off of our upcoming album - "When You Think It's Right It's Always Wrong". The song itself is about mistrust and broken expectations and we hope you love it!

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Long Gone Silver

by Y!KES

Written in the heat of global frustration, 'Long Gone Silver' smacks against the rage with massive guitars, bass hooks, punchy drums & sinister vocals to remind the world that music is alive, kicking & screaming.

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Fool's Paradise

by Young States

Hey, we're Young States from Norwich and we've just released our newest single "Fool's Paradise"! We are so incredibly proud of this song and so excited to release it too, because we wrote it over 4 years ago! We think it's one our best songs yet and couldn't be happier that it's finally out!

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by Mouth Culture

hey! we're Mouth Culture, we're an alt/indie rock band from Leicester (UK). we've just released our new track 'sink' and we think you'll dig it. it's a hectic blend of 80's influenced alternative guitars and synths with big vocals and drums that smack you in the face, it bangs. come give us a try x

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Before The Storm

by Follow Deep

We are Follow Deep and we are a young, emerging indie/alternative rock band from Hull.
This is our latest single from our debut album "Will You Still Love Me...", and it's about one of the characters from the film "Leon: The Professional". Hope you like it!

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Her Glow

by Konarucchi

Hi everybody, I'm Konarucchi and this is my debut single! It's been in the works for over a year, and I'm very excited to have it out and share it with everyone. The track plays with different styles of music, and is dedicated to my beautiful little new niece.

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by Late Night Legacy

Leeds alt-rock collective Late Night Legacy are making their return with their powerful new single ‘Blame’. The band are no strangers to the industry and return stronger and stronger with every release.

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we are cleopatrick. the peoples band. we make music for kids that feel the same shit we are feeling. here’s a song about our best friends Sanjay and Jake. designed to incite vicious mosh pits and a sense of existential triumph. if you don’t get it, that’s probably because it isn’t meant for you.

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Bare Poets

Hello friends! We are Bare Poets, a three piece alternative punk rock band from Kent. We are committed to writing original, pretty, gritty music featuring punchy guitar riffs and intense vocals. Keep your eyes peeled for our debut EP, Tough Love, releasing in January of 2019.

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