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by Relate.

We are pop-punk/emo (or "warpedtour-core" as I've affectionately named it) band from Denver called Relate. We released "Dreamland" last year and I figured I'd shoot it over to y'all. We definitely date ourselves with this track, it has much more in common with Brand New than it does with MGK.

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Eyes Sewn Shut

by The Wildfires Projekt

The Wildfires Projekt creates modern anthems for a culture that has been shaped by mental health struggles, anger, fear and addiction. Debut EP 'From Which We Came' is out now on all streaming platforms.

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by Nautical Mile

Perth's premiere pop-punk band - we've been releasing a steady stream of EP's since 2015, and are finally ready to deliver our first LP. Our sound is focused and densely melodic.

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Small Conversations

by Southbound

Small Conversations was just released May 28, 2019 as a new single to promote the upcoming second EP and summer tour from pop punk band Southbound. The song is a step up from their first releases and they're SURE you'll slap along with it !

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The View // The Life

We are The View // The Life. We are a relatively new band but all play in other bands, most notably Senses Fail. We Just released a new single last week and we would love to hear what you think. The Track is called Ke├Čra and features a solo by Jake Bowen of Periphery

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A New State

Sup, we're A New State. Just three dudes who like rockin socks. We recorded our first album - "Silver Water"- with Mass Giorgini. Here's a track from that album. Hope you like it!

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Hey guys, Many a nights drinking in many a bars a catchy chorus would often pop into my head. I began recording them on my iPhone as not to black it out. Now it's a full blow EP. Check us out.

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Hey there, we are an Easycore cover-duo from Germany named "Shrimpfield". Today, we released our first full-length "The Shrimpfield Lane". At least for us it's also some sort of "Best Of", as it is packed with 14 of our covers we released on YouTube since 2017. This song is one of them. Enjoy!

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