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by Restart Refresh

Restart Refresh is a hobby project of full-time working dads doing what we love! Over(thinking) is a track off of our debut full length album "From the Branches Above Me" which is out Dec 8! This album was written, recorded, and mixed/mastered entirely DIY and remotely - 3 years in the making!

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by Northshore

Hey! We're Northshore, a 5 piece Pop-Punk/Alt Rock band from Middlesbrough/Carlisle/London. This is our new song called "Fairweather" it's about people who only use you for their own personal gain then disappear when they have no use for you anymore, and we've all known someone like that right?

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Hard Feelings

by Wavelengths

Hey guy! We are Wavelengths from Mesa, Arizona. We just wrapped up several months of writing and time in the studio to share our first single “Hard Feelings”! It’s a melodic, emotionally aggressive song about the end results of failed expectations and let down.

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Small Conversations

by Southbound

Small Conversations was just released May 28, 2019 as a new single to promote the upcoming second EP and summer tour from pop punk band Southbound. The song is a step up from their first releases and they're SURE you'll slap along with it !

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Hi Punktastic! We're Overbite, a 5 piece pop punk band from Leeds. We're releasing our debut single "Weave" on Friday 7th September and we would love for you to hear it and (hopefully) share it!

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