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We're a Toronto four-piece that tie punk/rock/hardcore on our 10-track debut. In the first track alone you'll find punk, hardcore, sass, screaming, solos and rock, as well as some synth. Ferocious, eclectic and fun, something for any punk/hardcore fan with a taste for adventure and experimentation.

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The View // The Life

We are The View // The Life. We are a relatively new band but all play in other bands, most notably Senses Fail. We Just released a new single last week and we would love to hear what you think. The Track is called Keìra and features a solo by Jake Bowen of Periphery

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Future Corpse

We’re Future Corpse, a progressive post-hardcore band from Melbourne (Australia), who play with a wide spectrum of sound including - classic prog rock, black metal, math rock, hardcore punk, 90’s post-hardcore, latin & jazz.

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The Stranger

Hey, I am a solo artist called The Stranger from Burbank California. I wrote the lyrics, melodies, structure, as well as playing the piano/synth, drums, and vocals. Guitar and bass was tracked by Tim Lawrence at Big Zen Studious. It centers around a larger fictional story rooted in truth.

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