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The Ladder

by Darko

We're back after the lockdown with new music and vocalist, Tom West previously of Almeida has joined us for a 7m50 epic with Katz Hinsley of Manchester's Follow Your Dreams adding her signature yells to the track's crescendo, with the passionate refrain "the scene is big enough for every one of us".

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You, Liar!

by Eddie Nashton

Who is Eddie Nashton? He is DC Comics hero who also known as «The Riddler» or Edward Nigma. Why Eddie Nashton? Because our music is so unpredictable just like Edward - it can be soft and melodious or loud and agressive

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Beat Me

by Call Me Zuko

A powerful blend of edgy progressive rock, explosive riffs, soaring harmonies, hard-hitting alt-rock - The track 'One' we have just had UK airplay on Planet Rock's the 'New Rock Show' - 23/3/20 & 30/03/20 Call Me Zuko are just 2 guys, Trevor Brown (writer/vox/drums) and Alex Waring (guitars)

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by Pacific Estate

Formed in 2013, Pacific Estate have evolved into one of Ontario's premiere indie-rock acts. Following years of shows headlining and support of larger acts, Pacific Estate began recording their debut album with Juno Award winning producer Julius Butty (Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Protest the Hero).

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We're a Toronto four-piece that tie punk/rock/hardcore on our 10-track debut. In the first track alone you'll find punk, hardcore, sass, screaming, solos and rock, as well as some synth. Ferocious, eclectic and fun, something for any punk/hardcore fan with a taste for adventure and experimentation.

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The View // The Life

We are The View // The Life. We are a relatively new band but all play in other bands, most notably Senses Fail. We Just released a new single last week and we would love to hear what you think. The Track is called Keìra and features a solo by Jake Bowen of Periphery

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Future Corpse

We’re Future Corpse, a progressive post-hardcore band from Melbourne (Australia), who play with a wide spectrum of sound including - classic prog rock, black metal, math rock, hardcore punk, 90’s post-hardcore, latin & jazz.

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The Stranger

Hey, I am a solo artist called The Stranger from Burbank California. I wrote the lyrics, melodies, structure, as well as playing the piano/synth, drums, and vocals. Guitar and bass was tracked by Tim Lawrence at Big Zen Studious. It centers around a larger fictional story rooted in truth.

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