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The time of death 4:44

by The American Scream

Time of Death 4:44 is a raw and emotional exploration of the pain and struggle of dealing with alcoholism and the loss of loved ones who have succumbed to the disease. With powerful vocals, driving guitars, and an intense, heart-wrenching melodies.

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by mirabelle.

Hi we're mirabelle. a bunch of dudes trying to sound like a californian band ind Paris, which is not easy to do as most of us are into super heavy metalcore lmao - we're basically Chunk no Captain chunk's cousins (they are actually friends of ours!) The track River is from our upcoming EP!

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by Bornside

You might be already back to school/work but we hope to bring you back on holiday with our new music video 🏝 Stay tuned for more cool things pretty soon 😏

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Swag Bag

by A New Hope

Hey we're A New Hope - Downtuned Upbeat. Check out Swag Bag our first single off our new EP out mid 2022

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Formed by a group of unlikely friends with the core ambition of making unabashed music they love. With a live show that fronts crowd interaction and banter with huge riffs, breakdowns and pop choruses, keep your eyes peeled for A New Hope.

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Hello friends, we are EARTHSTATE, a new alternative rock band from Lyon, France. Our very first single "No Turning Back" is now available, check it out ! :)

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Between The Lines

UK Pop-punkers BETWEEN THE LINES announce themselves with the release of their debut mini-EP, To The Wind, out on Friday 6th July through all platforms. The Brit newcomers also prepare to release a new lyric video for the EP’s namesake To The Wind.

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The Fox And The Hare

Hey guys! We are a 2-man pop punk/easycore band from Montreal, QC and we just launched our debut track that we entirely wrote and produced from the ground up and then mixed all by ourselves.  We're proud of the work we put into creating music that we love and hope that other people can enjoy it too!

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