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by Make for Maine

We are Make for Maine, a post-hardcore band from Virginia. This track is one of our personal favorites off the new EP. It starts with a spacious guitar melody, growing darker and darker, heavier and heavier.

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keep the darkness deep


My name is SESPOOL, an independent musician/songwriter from San Francisco, CA crafting nightmare pop. This new song is the second single from my upcoming EP that drops October 21 and is about the unseen pain we all go through daily.

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Magic Eyes

by Nights Like Thieves

Hey everyone! Our song "Magic Eyes" is a heavy, fast paced, emotional driven punk rock song featuring Sonny Sandoval from the band P.O.D. This is the first track off our 3rd EP release titled "The Forgotten" and we'd be stoked if you gave it a listen! Rock it!

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by Prey drive

Hey! We are PREY DRIVE, an alt rock 4 piece from Norwich, UK. This is our latest single called "O.M.G" - Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. This is about putting a brave face on it and hiding how you are really feeling in tough times.

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by Prey Drive

Shinjuku is a district in Tokyo. The song is about comparing your life to other people’s. Always thinking they are ahead and have their shit together while you are ‘still spinning around’ trying to find your footing or path in life : optimistic look on life and a good message to not give up

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Finish It

by Align in Time

My name's John Boles and I release music under the alias Align in Time. "Finish It" is the first track revealed off of my second album, On a Spiral (out 6/19). My music is a mix of what I love about the dynamics and epic builds of post-rock with the more direct, raw energy of pop rock.

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Everybody Knows The Rules

by Haunting Portraits

Hey Punktastic, we're Haunting Portraits from Tampa, FL. We've just released our new EP, 'That Which Looks Far Away'. We hope you enjoy our music video for "Everybody Knows The Rules".

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Rose Gold

by Tiny Kingdoms

Hey guys! We're Tiny Kingdoms! Our new single 'Rose Gold' is a danceable pop punk / alternative rock track for fans of Panic! At The Disco, The Academy Is, and Circa Survive. We hope you enjoy!

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feralcat is an artist, saxophonist, composer, alias and conceptual departure from what you think about when you hear the saxophone. Created by Pittsburgh-based saxophonist Roger Rafael Romero, feralcat uses sweeping lyrical melodies over heavy guitar-driven rhythms to break barriers and melt faces.

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Hi guys, we're Grayhunter! We'd be honored to be featured on Punktastic. We just released our debut EP "Comeback Kid" last month. It's 4 different tracks that tell stories of overcoming various challenges to find pure happiness. We're super happy with how the EP came out and we hope you love it. :)

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Minus Alive

Hi, we're Minus Alive and we're here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff. Not really, but this is our new single 'Not The Only One' and it says a lot about what we're about as a band! If you like earnest, passionate rock music with something to say then this is for you.

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Alias May

Hey All, we're Alias May from Melbourne Australia. We've just dropped our debut Album and would love some spins \m/ -- plenty more new material coming soon!!!

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Hail The Sun

Title track for Hail The Sun's just announced record, Mental Knife, directly addresses the album's mission statement behind a wall of scorching guitars, visceral screams and driving percussion. It premiered via an innovative video that serves as a surreal performance in a dark and dingy basement.

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Atlas: Empire

Hey, We're Atlas:Empire, a Progressive / Alt. Rock band, based in Glasgow, UK. Since forming in the Summer of 2011, we have toured extensively in the UK,Europe and Canada and released 3 wicked EPs.We've also got to share the stage with of our fave bands O’Brother, Wintersleep and Saves The Day.

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