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Brace Yourself!

by Balsam Grove

Hey friends! We are Balsam Grove and this is our brand new single, 'Brace Yourself!' which will be featured on our upcoming full-length album! If you like high energy, melodic, pissed off music with technical guitars, intense drums and groovy bass, then you want to check out this track!

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Hail The Sun

Title track for Hail The Sun's just announced record, Mental Knife, directly addresses the album's mission statement behind a wall of scorching guitars, visceral screams and driving percussion. It premiered via an innovative video that serves as a surreal performance in a dark and dingy basement.

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I the Mighty

"Degenerates" is arguably the most intimate track from the band's critically-acclaimed 2017 Equal Vision Records full-length Where the Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let it Go, and the video - composed largely of footage of the band on tour - does a great job of translating that introspection.

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