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Hollywood Ending

by Sinners In The City

When did day dreams become so tragic?! Check out our new single 'Hollywood Ending' Love Sinners xo

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by The Throwaway Scene

Hey Punktastic, we are a new project and this is the first track establishing our story between a character and his inner battles through the medium of a journal. Each track will be referred to as a 'scene' as we look to progress our story through video. We hope you enjoy the track!

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Freak Show

by Jordan Red

Our song Freak Show calls out the mainstream media for what it is.....a FREAK SHOW! Since we see what a joke it is, we had to write this song that makes you want to scream, jump around and laugh while pointing at the clowns behind the mainstream agenda

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The NEW TRACK 'HYDROPHOBIA' a new video to bring a little light in the dark... and a little dark in the light. shot over the summer of 20f***ing20, drums where hauled all over the countryside and cameras where pointed to the sky.

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A Sonnet from the Walls

by cooperville

cooperville's public appearance is story-driven and solely illustrated through the protagonist 'Tape Boy'. The songs and album artwork follow the storyline of Tape Boy and his endeavours through a mysterious, dangerous, and gloomy underworld.

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A hymn for the broken

by Tears of a fallen hero

We're a new Swedish band called Tears of a fallen hero. We started up in late 2017 with the intention to make melodic, catchy music with a heavy touch. The intro riff on 'A Hymn For the Broken' made us start the band, a new song will be out November 29.

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Hey guys, this is our rendition of Mandy Moore's Cry. We had so much fun recording this song! Hope you guys like it! - Dolby, Aris, Brent, Robbie

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The Ivins

Hi guys! This is our new single "Certain," which comes out April 5th. It is a commentary on how certainty has become the enemy to a culture of people who never want to commit to anything, always assuming there's something better. The music was originally based on a Lebanese folk song.

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Alias May

Hey All, we're Alias May from Melbourne Australia. We've just dropped our debut Album and would love some spins \m/ -- plenty more new material coming soon!!!

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