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Artificial Pleasure

by R3VO

Artificial Pleasure avails itself of heavy sections, psychedelia-influenced choruses and an intimate outro. R3VO's originality is expressed through a mature songwriting style and compelling vocal rawness. The song is an introspective journey on the topic of undergoing addiction.

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keep the darkness deep


My name is SESPOOL, an independent musician/songwriter from San Francisco, CA crafting nightmare pop. This new song is the second single from my upcoming EP that drops October 21 and is about the unseen pain we all go through daily.

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by The Tragic Company

We are an Alt Rock / Post grunge / prog rock band from Spain. We have just released our new single, ROTTEN. A track that we have produced ourselves during the Covid-19 quarantine here in Spain.

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Frontal Cortex

The band’s debut album titled "Passage" was released on the October 26, 2018. The musical genre is difficult to define. While emotional and progressive rock prevails there, fans of stronger sounds will also find a lot of heavy, even metal riffs.

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