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I Could Be A Slow Burner

by Norm Archer

I’m Will (ex-Misgivings & Sombulance). This is the first single of my punk/indie solo project Norm Archer where I record everything. It’s a short punk/power pop anthem with an icy lead guitar about the hope that everything will work out when you have a suspicion that it won’t. Album out Aug 9th!!

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Secretly looking for a way to escape

by Jack Adamant

Hello everyone. I’m an artist/producer who lives between Italy and Sweden. Under the name "Jack Adamant" I carry on an alternative rock solo project which currently has two albums and some singles under its belt, including some covers. Looking forward to know what you think! Cheers Jack

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Hey Punktastic! We are HIGH/LOW. We like stuff raw, and are stuck in the 90's. We are fully DIY band and need a little help spreading the word. This track is from our forthcoming album 'SKELETONS', coming out on 10" vinyl 27th July.

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