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The Fear That Kept Me Quiet

by Nvmeral

This track is taken from our debut EP, The Harmer and the Fool. Early reviews of the track have described it as having rich, shimmering melodies which transcend into incredible, crushingly heavy passages. We hope you enjoy it and that you check out the whole EP!

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We Breathe The Same

by Neptune Rain

“In an age of polarised debate, rising inequality, and high profile hate and division, our exciting new single is a reflection on the destructive course humanity often appears set on. ‘We Breathe the Same’ serves to act as a reminder that as humans, we have more commonalities than we do differences.

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No Country

by dreamer//drowner

Hello! 'Birdbrains is the debut EP from Maryland post hardcore duo dreamer//drowner. Written and recorded in 24 hours with minimal edits the album features five explosive tracks of pure emotion and angst in its most frenetic and rawest form.'

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I Am Pariah

We're a three piece modern melodic metal band from Stoke On Trent influenced by the likes of classics like Motorhead and new headliners like Avenged Sevenfold. On the 30th November we'll release our second EP, titled 'Procreate//Annihilate'.

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Oceans is a British alternative/progressive hybrid that recently released their EP "Far From Composure"

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