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by Dead Moths

We are Dead Moths, a five piece noisecore band from Derby, UK. We play chaotic live shows and shout a lot about politics

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Crash The Gates

by LaVein

We are a metallic hardcore quintet from Dublin and have recently released our debut EP "Fine Failure". Our influences include early 2000s hardcore such as Converge, Dillinger escape plan and Every Time I Die, as well as Current bands like Knocked Loose and Malevolence.

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by Icantdie

We create heavy music akin to Billy Talent, Everytime I Die, and Dillinger Escape Plan, as well as Muse, Reuben and Biffy Clyro,, and we release a new video for the single, Counter, featuring Sean Smith, on Friday 26th November.

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Don't Wanna Be Here

by Gator Pit

Hey guys, we're a Chaotic Metalcore band from Detroit, Michigan, and this is our first ever music video! Sticking to our true DIY ethos, we shot and edited this video ourselves using only the resources we had. Enjoy!

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Below the Snakes

by Lightning Sharks

We are LIGHTNING SHARKS - A noisy hardcore band from the cider encrusted streets of Bristol. We play a furious mix of heavy styles that we like to call SOUTHWEST NOISECORE - Combining the rock and roll swagger of Every Time I Die and the angular precision of Botch, with a scrappy DIY spirit.

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The Cliff

by Tritonic

Hi, we're Tritonic, a London hardcore band. With a blatant disregard for genre and a heretical embrace of pop and indie, Tritonic show they have one foot planted in hardcore’s forms and conventions and one foot determinedly outside of it.

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In Case Of Humanity

by Grace.Will.Fall

We’re stoked to present the first single from our upcoming fourth album. The song really shows the more dark and metal influenced direction this record has taken compared to earlier releases. To keep it raw we also kept the recording process out of the digital world and exclusively on analog tape.

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Junko Daydream

Frenetic, emotionally raw and hard to describe Post-Hardcore band straight out of the Forest City. With a huge variety of influences and backgrounds to draw on, this is the punk for people looking to challenge their ideas of what hardcore is and will be.

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