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by D E A T H B A G

Hey all this is the second single from an upcoming debut album (releasing May 13th 2022). "Spell", straddles the line between post-punk and garage rock with influences bleeding through yet retaining a sense of it's own identity.

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by Alien Virus

This is an older song from Alien Virus in 2011 but I do it now in the Cal Crilly Collective. My Youtube link the Orbiting song is attached to has over 300 live and home made punk, alternative videos from Brisbane bands going back to the mid 1980's which people may enjoy, thanks

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Greetings from the dark swamps of South Florida, a sunny place for shady people. We've just put out our first EP; four songs about existential crises, and misanthropy, check it out.

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The Lynch

Hi! Our new album 'Everything Ends' is out and can be downloaded on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Add it to your Spotify playlist too. The album was recorded live in three hours with completely old-fashioned methods - we hope you like it! Much love from Istanbul, Turkey

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