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Dead Inside

by Seeing Things

Through introspective and emotive lyrics, SEEING THINGS fearlessly explore the depths of emotional turmoil, offering a voice to those battling inner demons. 'Dead Inside' serves as a powerful anthem, resonating with those who have faced their breaking point and contemplated surrender.

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by Conquer Divide

We really wanted to stretch our musical muscles and play around with time signatures. We recorded some of the production ourselves, including drilling sounds you'll hear sprinkled throughout the song. Artistically, we really stepped out of our comfort zone, and ended up with something really special

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by In Fear

We're In Fear, a metal quintet from Bristol UK formed in 2017. This song is called 'Abyss' and we wrote it with intention of conveying the terror people experience during sleep paralysis which some of our members were struggling with at the time.

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Djently Does It


Hey everyone! We’re PRSNRS, a progressive metalcore band from the UK, and this is our first ever single, “Djently Does It.” Its a bit heavy, a bit melodic, and just a touch epic, and we think that’s a recipe for a good song so we’d love it if you checked it out.

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by Groom Lake

Hey Punktastic! We're Groom Lake from Brighton/Ipswich, and this is our new single Unearthed, from our upcoming EP Fallen Earth. The song is about the greed and corruption of those who seek to profit from the suffering of others. We hope you like the track! Groom Lake x

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Briefly about our sound: this is what happens when down-tuned metal meets synth-based electronic music. We're a two person formation with not just ambition to share our music with the world but to draw attention to global issues such as plastic pollution, covetousness and climate change.

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The Oblyvion

The essential gifts in life had vanished into oblivion by politics, society and the government. Our mission is to revive the core of existence in order to make you believe again. // Nothing is true, everything is permitted. We are THEOBLYVION //

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