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by The Last Giant

This is The Last Giant's new single Nova, a white-knuckle ride through prog metal, math rock and downright good fun. It features on our upcoming EP I: Terminus (out 4 September). We are a duo from Shetland - making us the UK's most northerly instrumental metal band...or something like that.

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by I, The Lion

Yo! We are I, The Lion, a post-punk trio hailing from Gloucestershire. This is our new single Ghost, it's a pretty personal one for us and a feeling shared by so many people out there all about working so hard for something, and still be overlooked when it counts. So we vented that through riffs...

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Into You

by Winchester

Bristol/Cardiff based power trio Winchester have just released their blistering comeback anthem 'Into You'. Following on from the release of their impressive debut album 'Life Begins At These Dead Ends' in 2018, they are now back and bringing you their heaviest, most hook-driven effort yet.

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Dead Ground

Expressing an intoxicating sound that is raw, atmospheric and engulfing, Dead Ground strive to create music that holds true value built upon integrity and honesty. The alternative trio release their striking new single, 'We All Feel The Same', on Friday 12th October.

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