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by Let Man Loose

Hey guys, we're back with a brand new single 'Bulldog', a satirical commentary walking the circus tightrope between patriotism and bigotry. Without getting too political, this is a fun-poke at the dinosaurs who 'wanted their country back'.

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by We Three Kings

We Three Kings are a no-nonsense three piece rock ’n’ roll band from Manchester, UK with a balls-out sound that blends fuzzed up blues-rock into three minute mini miracles of pure joy. Enjoy our new track 'Gasoline'.

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Highway 7

by The Creature Comfort

Highway 7 is a hook-laden Grinderman-meets-MC5 piece of rock heaven, a driving song for the lost generation.  We're part-Stooges, part-Doors, all Manchester, and one of the most exciting live acts around!

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The Wolf of Green Street

by The NUV

The NUV is an alternative rock band characterized by a strong and powerful sound, born on the outskirts of Brianza in 2003. After a few years of inactivity, they now return to the studio to record their new effort "Belgian Solutions" anticipated by the single "The Wolf Of Green Street" (July 2019).

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Stoned Ape Theory

by Muskrat Meadows

Hello! This is Rebecca on behalf of Vancouver band Muskrat Meadows bringing you their debut single "Stoned Ape Theory" The band paired up with animator Benjamin Christensen on the music video to elevate the track to a new level with chaotic visuals.

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Golden Plates

Howdy! Check out the first single off of Golden Plates new LP, Farewell to Zion, "You're Pretty, I'm Drunk".

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L Sicario

We are L Sicario, we play a funky old blend of rock and roll and desert rock that belies our big city roots. This is our new single 'Innocence' and it is pretty badass.

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Crest Glider

We are Crest Glider, a female-fronted alternative band from Wolverhampton, combining driving guitars and formidable drums with melodious vocals. We write music that makes you want to sing along!

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Fagash McCann

So we're Fagash McCann, a two piece from the sticks of Northern Ireland. Our band consists of just bass and drums. When we're not writing in a garage somewhere, we're dragging ourselves to gigs in a battered old Peugeot. Our debut single 'Nervo' is out and we'd love if you checked it out. Thanks!

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some villains

We are Some Villains, a four-piece alternative/hard rock band based in Burnham on Sea, Somerset. We are probably most well-known for supporting Liam Gallagher at Pilton Party 2018 at Worthy Farm. We like to describe our music as 'perpetual motion' - Someone smarter than us came up with that!

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Saint Evil Street

Hi guys, we're Saint Evil Street, a French alternative rock band offering an aggressive and melodic music, skilfully dosed. Strongly influenced by the legends of stoner and grunge, we've just revealed our debut EP, entitled “Cursed”, available now everywhere! We hope you'll like it! :)

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SPLINTER is a modern punk band, delivering sharp, crunchy riffs tuned with rhythmic, cutting vocal satire. The drive in the hooks and melodies offer a powerful and catchy variety of songs led by intense, acidic and often humorous lyrics that drill deep into the ills of contemporary western society.

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we are cleopatrick. the peoples band. we make music for kids that feel the same shit we are feeling. here’s a song about our best friends Sanjay and Jake. designed to incite vicious mosh pits and a sense of existential triumph. if you don’t get it, that’s probably because it isn’t meant for you.

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Vrillon are an alternative rock band based in Bath. They play heavy post-grunge songs blended with psyched out stoner rock. They've just released their latest anticipated track 'Wizard'.

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Balaban and the Bald Illeagles

We are a three piece rock band, who play raw, honest, alternative rock music with meaningful lyrics. Our debut album "Going Clear" is being released digitally on all major platforms on Friday 22nd March.

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Civil Villains

Hey, we are Civil Villains, three old friends making fun, rowdy, slightly mathy rock music. If you like it weird and loud, you should like us, or we're doing it wrong.

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We are a rock band from Reykjavík Iceland who have spent a great deal of effort shovelling as much groove as we possibly can into our music. Our fan base has been completely built on word to mouth and this is our first foray into releasing music to the public.

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Puppet Kings

UK alt-rockers Puppet Kings are making new friends with their infectious sound that has earned the riff merchants comparisons to Foo Fighters and Guns N Roses. Puppet Kings have a new video for 'The Message' taken from their new EP, The Mountain, out 1st March.

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The Binge

Hi! This is Heavy Punk Metal! I wrote it when I was hyper on fever. Thrash metal guitars, chromatic detective-movie verses combined with punk-ish vocals that goes high pitch in the chorus. Sex pistols goes Priest goes Stone Age goes Venom goes New York Dolls on speed. Hope you like it!

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The Secondhand Empire

Hey rockers and fuzz lovers, we are The Secondhand Empire, a rock trio from Oslo, Norway. Loaded with fuzzy-as-hell bass lines, hard hitting drums and high energy vocals, our first record, 'Heist On A Thrift Store' is out now! Take this track for a spin and embrace the noise!

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