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The Collective Resentment of 1,000,000 Fax Machines

by Student Slasher Film

Hi! We're Student Slasher Film, an emo band from Leeds, UK. This is our debut single, recorded entirely DIY and self produced. It's got a lot of complexity and punch in a short package - hope you enjoy!

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A Haunting In Two Parts

by ghostar

Ghostar is a blend of post-rock, emo, and alt-punk." A Haunting in Two Parts" mixes themes of fear and loss with a pulsing postpunk sound alongside twinkly riffs and postrock crescendos,

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Bloody Nose

by Birds Fear Death

I'm Kelly and I make music under the name Birds Fear Death. This track is from an album which I wrote and recorded in my bedroom. It's noisy and rough but hopefully enjoyable.

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Pinned in Place

Hey, Punktastic! We're a DIY band from Southern California. We have just premiered our new full length, "Rubbernecking at the Gates of Hell." I'm really proud of it. We wrote it quickly and tracked it live to create a sense of urgency.

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Michael Cera Palin

This is the upcoming EP "I Don't Know How to Explain It" by Michael Cera Palin, which drops Feburary 2nd. The trio consists of Elliot Brabant (vox + guitar), Jon Williams (bass) and Jon Buncic (drums + audio wizard). The lyrics all touch on various points of fixation regarding mental health/emotional wellness, relationships, arts communities, and personal identity.

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