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Losing Focus

by LoudFoxCult

This song is one of five off of our new EP Cult Classic, each having their own unique take on the genre presenting new and interesting ideas that have yet to be explored! It is about desperately attempting to change your ways while simultaneously struggling to let go of the past

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by theWorst

Portland, ME indie-punk/emo trio theWorst are back with their newest single "Monomania" — Check it out and catch them on their US tour this Spring and Summer.

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The Modern Art of Hitting Snooze

by The Losing Score

Hey! We're The Losing Score, a Midlands-based three-piece that write optimistic-sounding music for pessimistic people (like ourselves). This self-recorded comeback single combines elements of punk and emo in a track summarising the all too relatable feeling of procrastination.

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