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House Pet

by UgLi

UgLi takes elements of alternative, grunge, and punk and combines them in a refreshing mix for their upcoming debut album. "House Pet" is the second single from the album, FUCK, that is out now!

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by Bitch Hunt

Hey! We are Bitch Hunt, a queer alt-rock band from London. ‘Shapeshifter’ is about being non-binary, about how different people perceive you. It's also about meeting other trans people and queers and being seen as who you are. It’s a fairly lively track about the joy of connection

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by TheWorst

"Blacksheepish" was written and performed by TheWorst and was produced by Will Holland (Pixies, Fall Out Boy, Dead Can Dance). Lead singer Brooke Binion: "This is a video for a song I wrote about my feelings of a great friend’s suicide and how I didn’t see it coming. Her and I worked at a punk club together, and when she got to work, she’d always throw Hole and Sonic Youth in the jukebox. She was at almost every local show with theWorst, and if you look hard enough in the video, there’s a still shot of her in the front row."

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