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by Neat Mentals

Est. 2015, in Germany. Something between Pop-Punk, 77 Punk, melodic Skatepunk and a some Metal. We love playing and meeting new people! Loneliness is about trying to get things done but beeing paralyzed by the many options, ending up doing nothing in a world full of selfish people.

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Mirror Image

by Hike The Peak

HIKE THE PEAK is a worldwide collaborative skatepunk project based in Sheffield, England. Cross borders friendships that culminate in anthemic, catchy, rapid punk rock and melodic hardcore. Always striving for that new hook.

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Wasted Breath

by Blacked Out

Hey Everyone! We're Blacked Out from Vancouver, BC! Our handle on all of the socials is @blackedoutband, and you can check out our newest release "Wasted Breath" on all the streaming platforms. Give us a follow to keep up to date and feel free to leave weird comments on our posts!

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