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by BareBelly

Hey what's up, this is BareBelly, we are a punk rock band from Arizona. "Bodyguard" is a single about my girlfriend and how she keeps me safe on the mean streets of Phoenix. Thanks for listening!

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Bad Vibes

by Cash Bribe

We're a hardcore/punk/rocknroll band out of Brooklyn. The EP is our first, 5 songs that we wrote mostly in the height of the pandemic in 2020. Our approach is a primal one, where our focus with the music was to kick teeth in. We're not particularly interested in subtlety.

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Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid Jammers

Hey, we're Jim Jones and the Kool-aid Jammers from Newfoundland, Canada. We play catchy surf punk and write about everything from dead people to aliens. We've been a band for almost 2 years and are about to release out second album called "instant cult classic".

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The Cavemen

London-via-New Zealand punks The Cavemen released their third LP, 'Nuke Earth,' on April 6th via Slovenly Recordings. A mix of rowdy punk and raw, scuzzy garage rock, it features frantic vocals, screeching guitars, and infectious riffs.

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