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Crossing the Line

by Padme

We're Padme from İstanbul, Turkey and we've released our 3rd full length album 'The Fine Line Between Being Conscious and Self Harm' recently. This song is about hope and despair, joy and anger, and trying to survive under a neo-sultanate reign in a land stuck between the Middle East and Europe.

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by Cardboard Box Colony

We're a five-piece melodic punk band from Asheville, NC. We blend high-energy tempos and infectious melodies to create big, anthemic punk songs. Our new single ‘Headstone’ was self-recorded at Clean Sheets Studios in Asheville, NC and mastered at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO

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What's Inside My Heart

by Sklubby

What's good fellow readers!?!? We are Sklubby from Long Island, NY and today is your lucky day! Check out our new song and try not to start a circle pit wherever you may be. Good luck!

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Time & Tide

by Fake Legacy

We are Fake Legacy, a three piece Punk Rock band from Sweden. This track 'Time & Tide' is from our latest EP called 'A Beloved Masquerade'. A very melodic song, it will bring your mind to bands like The Descendents, The Offspring, Blink 182 etc.

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Disappointment & Hope


Greetings from Ukraine! This is Complete!, a melodic punk rock band from Eastern Europe. Formed in the early 2017 we have released two EP's and our first full length 'Disappointment & Hope' out now

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Untitled (Uno)

by Dead Intentions

Hey we are Dead Intentions from Nottingham. October see's us release a double A side single the first track is 'Untitled (Uno)' which is streaming on YouTube now and will be available everywhere on October 11th!

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Hey all! 'Shambolic' is BROCKER's third full length album; 13 fast-paced songs charged with chaos, anger and energy where Rock N' Roll meets Punk with hints of Ska. Catchy melodies, memorable choruses and strong riffs make this album a powerhouse which we're really proud of. Our album launch party gig is coming up on Thursday October 17 at the Signature Brew Taproom in Haggerston, London. Grab tickets at

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Digital Age

by Stickman

Hey we are Stickman from south Wales back with our first single after a seventeen year hiatus! During that time the members have continued drinking, smoking, offending and even popping out some baby punkers now we're back with a new single 'Digital Age' on the legendary Mighty Atom Records. Cheers.

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Three Fingers

We're Three Fingers! A power pop punk band from Seattle, WA loaded with feminism and humor.

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I am Bendecos' album promoter. I'm going to bluntly tell you about these assholes. They are self-absorbed fucked up dickheads. True to form punk deadbeats. BUT they are also extremely fucking talented, driven by the project and their shows are inspiring. They do it for love.

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Silence Is Chaos

Hey there! I'm Samy from Silence Is Chaos, a punk rock band out of Lugano, Switzerland. Earlier this year we released our third record "Hopes and Losses", and we would like you guys to give it a listen, I'm sure you will like what you hear!

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We are folk punk band straight from the crazed country of Slovakia. The mix of fast chords and catchy melodies all performed on acoustic instruments. Our name Cascabel comes from an american ghost town in Arizona, cause when we started it often look like a ghost town at our shows:)

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Bring the War Home

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could listen to a revolutionary communist agit-punk band from Hamilton? No? Fortunately capitalism is great at creating demand as it creates supply. In this great tradition, we're Bring the War Home: the best revolutionary agit-punk band you never asked for.

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Vic City Rejects

Hello! We are a three piece Pop Punk band ripping it up in the great white North. After releasing our very first album we are looking forward to a great year full of cheep beer, a smelly van and lots of good times with good friends. Much love from the rejects!

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Hey, we’re THUMBS! We’re a 4 piece Punk Rock band from the UK. If you’re a nostalgic 90s skate punker and a fan of manic, melodic punk rock then give us a listen! We’ve actually been playing together for 15 years. Covering nofx songs in my garage when I was 14. Now we’re 29 and still playing music.

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Dead to the World

We like making and playing music with our friends and will continue to do so as long as we possibly can. We focus on writing songs that are heavy and fast that the crowd will want to sing along to. We love punk rock and we love our city of Houston, TX.

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Spirit of the Wildfire

We are Spirit of the Wildfire, a dynamic punk band that blends styles from hiphop to punk, dubbing the sound "Funk-Punk". We've just released the first single off of our third album, a fun and catchy pop punk tune called "Static".

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Transatlantic Airwaves

We are Transatlantic Airwaves, an internet 2-piece pop punk/skate punk band from UK/China. We love our fast beats and vocal harmonies like moths love lamps (that meme is still trendy right?) "Shut your mouth, open your mind" was 2 years in the works, and we're super satisfied with how it turned out!

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Hi, we're Koseakaso from Italy and we just released our new record named "Squaloparco", which is based around a famous toy racetrack that you american guys better know as "Shark Park". Squaloparco consist of 9 fast Melodic HC tracks completely sung in Italian, hope you'll enjoy it!

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Violent Practice

Hello sinners! We are Violent Practice. Coming from the opposite sides of the river, we bring it to you the only way we know, fast and loud. Our Music is fueled by raw energy and lyrics that speak of the evils of everyday life.

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