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Go In

by Achers

We're a London DIY noise rock, punk band inspired by the likes of the San Diego hardcore scene, DC's Rev Summer, and the post punk of the late 70's/80's in the UK. This track 'Go In' is about overcoming anxiety and throwing yourself into life as best you can. "If noone makes it out, go in!"

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Do You Compute (full length)

by Do You Compute

We produced this record ourselves and are very proud of how it came out! We know you'll find some songs on here that you enjoy. Please share your thoughts and we hope to meet you at show soon! - Caleb, Tim, and Troy

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by Alpha Hopper

Hi. ALPHA HOPPER here. We make a kind of guitar-driven rock'n'roll punk that comes off as weirdo no-wave wanna be hardcore. A dark wall of sound punctuated by catchy, cryptic vocals. Intense but still fun. Check out our 2nd LP "Aloha Hopper" out June 22nd

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Las Nubes

Hola! We're Las Nubes from Miami, FL. We're a fuzzed-out dream pop trio from Miami, FL with songs in English and Spanish. Our debut full-length, entitled SMVT is dropping this coming June. If you're into catchy, lo-fi, distorted songs, you might dig what we do!

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