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Dracula Invitational, 1791

by The Hamiltones

Hello Ghouls. We are The Hamiltones. You are about to hear the score of the most ridiculous, b-movie Dracula film no one has ever seen (and may not even really exist). Enjoy the opening theme!

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American Youth

by Arm the Poor

Hey there! Would like to share with you our latest single, American Youth! It's a guitar frenzied story of two American kids swept up in the debris of urban sprawl. Hope you dig!

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Benedict Sinister is a drinking, smoking, fucking vice-machine. Sinister draws inspiration from all around the musical world, and it shows in the variations in the style of his singles. His latest release is a punk anthem.

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Grave robber

by Slow Death

Slow Death is Slow death. Grave robber is about digging up the past. Feelings of righteousness, regret, guilt and seeing things in a new light.

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by Femegades

Hi, we are Femegades and this is the title track from our debut EP "Pornsick". It is 5 songs covering subjects of women subjected to male violence, consent, and 'big porn'. We feel we're pretty unique in what we write about, and aim to be a band that stands for something. We hope you like the song x

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by The Wraith

We had a blast reimagining the UK Subs classic "Warhead" for a split cassingle with UK deathrock legends Screaming Dead. You can grab it by subscription from Plain Disguise Records or from The Wraith's Bandcamp. Cheers!

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Lockdown Blues

by Crashed Out

been around since 1995 toured all over the world with our unique sound hope you like we are the band that puts the Rock into punkrock! cheers

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Nobody Cares About America Anymore

by The Bloody Hell

It’s been two years since Halifax, Canada’s The Bloody Hell released their award-nominated (Loud Recording of the Year” – NSMA 2018) self-titled debut album and now they are ready to end the apocalypse known as 2020 with a taste of their new single “Nobody Cares About America Anymore”.

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I Don't Care

by The Penny Antics

The music video for the song 'I Don't Care' was made entirely by myself and the band's drummer. It features stop motion animation, green screening and 4K camera quality. We won 'Best Animated Film' (Over 16's) category for this video at the Harwich Festival of the Arts Film Festival on 16/11/20.

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Fuck Sake

by S.B.T

We're S.B.T, a punk band from Norfolk in the UK. We've been a band for the past 3 years, writing a mix of dark/dissonant songs and tongue in cheek punky tunes. This is our track Fuck Sake, a song that always goes down well live and gets everyone shouting along with us.

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From Belgium With Love

by The Ramonas

Hi everyone, we're The Ramonas and since 2016 we've been releasing our own original music, this is our latest single 'From Belgium With Love' featuring Charlie Harper (UK Subs) on harmonica.

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Sefam Olsun

by Emaskülatör

We are EMASKÜLATÖR, a hc/punk band based in Turkey. Our new single Sefam Olsun is our homage to the trans diva Bülent Ersoy. Our witchy reinterpretation puts a hex on those who seek to negate life by embracing ascetic ideals and invites womxn to celebrate ourselves in the face of systematic violence

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Validate Me

by The Dilrods

We are locked in our basements and writing COVID juiced quarantine juju beans. If you like it then get vaccinated.

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Get Up Get On

by Cuffs

Hi, we're Cuffs from Bristol, UK. 'Get Up Get On' is our fourth single release and is the B side to our single 'You Make Me Sick'. Both of these tracks are incredibly special to us, as we've printed a 7* vinyl , which we've always dreamed of being able to do!

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Your heaven, my hell

by Pissed!

Hey hey, we’re Pissed! from Trenton, NJ. We formed about four years ago and just put out our 3rd release Statute Of Liberty on Nov. 3rd. We feel it’s a great reflection of how things have gone these last few years and love for you to check it out!

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The Fringes Of Normality

by To The Helpless

Hey there! here's our new EP. Four songs written during and about the lockdown and the pandemic. It was recorded and mixed by Álvaro Escribano and mastered by the one and only Mass Giorgini. Hope you enjoy! To The Helpless

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We don't care (6 track EP)

by C2H6O

Hey guys, we're a new band from a small town called Varberg in Sweden. We've just released our first EP with some high energy punk/hardcore tracks! If you have 10 minutes of down-time you should really be checking this out, who knows, you might actually like it!

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by Glitchers

We are a 2 piece Skiffle Punk band who travel the country playing Punk gigs on the streets. This is our opening track Relovelution. Enjoy

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by Tear Them Down

We are Tear Them Down fron Gothenburg Sweden. This is our brand new song Sacrifice from out sophomore album coming out later this winter. Sacrifice is a one minute punk anthem about DIY, giving all you got and never looking back. Something everybody in the punk community can relate to.

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Twitter Troll

by Dead End America

We are Dead End America, our message of intent is clear. "Jack-hammering, old-school style hardcore tunes...written and played by a rogues gallery of real deal music lifers as a condemnation of the criminal Trump administration and republican party." - writes Mark Lanegan in our liner notes

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