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Ski Mask

by Spirit of the Wildfire

Hey there, we are Spirit of the Wildfire from Halifax, Nova scotia, Canada. This is the second single off of our upcoming album. We did something a little different for this track and featured some heavy keyboard and synthesizer. Got some serious Refused vibes, solid genre bender tune.

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Great Expectations

by Strange Planes

Hi guys, we're Strange Planes from North London and this is the single of our new EP Deaf Rattle - Great Expectations. The song is built around that one driving bass lick that came up one day after listening to a lot of Jesus Lizard. It's pretty dark and raucous. Hope you like it!

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Pink Leather Jackets

With the age of online “please-screw-me” dating apps, infidelity seems to be trendy so “Shed” is inspired by the perspective of “the other man” who is fed up with his lying three-timing side. Feel free to break shit while listening to this song.

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