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Back to Before

by babygotbacktalk

What up, world! We're babygotbacktalk, a violin-powered, coed, multiracial D-I-Why?-because-we-gotta punk quartet from New York City. Our new single Back to Before is a timely, fist-pumping anthem about seizing the opportunity for a cultural reboot. Hope you love it!

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by Bud

Bud likes to keep things simple. Three members, just two brothers and a Joel - Calgary punk rock.

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The Future Is Not What It Was

by The Clockworks

Blending, visceral tight-knit rhythms akin to The Smiths or Idlewild and matching them with the foreboding intensity of Interpol or Forward Russia!, ‘The Future Is Not What It Was’ is the London-based band’s heart-stopping third single for Alan McGee’s Creation 23 label.

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The Russian Sleep Experiment

by Dos Cobros

Hey we're Dos Cobros. Two Cobra Brothers hatched from the same egg playing a blend of thrash/punk/metal/hiphop. We reside in Nashville, TN and Bowling Green, KY. We just released our second album Synesthesia but Covid19 has derailed all touring plans sadly.

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by Plain Microwave

Heya! My name's J and I made this song in a day. It's a short tongue-in-cheek romp about how easing lockdown is not going to help us, and proceeds from this song are going towards the Music Venue Trust. Hope you enjoy!

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Same Movie, Different Girl

by The Cryptics

Hey folks, we're The Cryptics, a punk band hailing from Dover, New Hampshire. We've released our record, Continuous New Behavior, earlier this year. If you're into punk or skate punk... check it out!

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Old Friends

by Bear Away

Hello fellow punk fans. We are Bear Away, a melodic punk juggernaut from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Listen to our new banger of a single 'Old Friends' now!

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Hello, we are ALL HITS from Portland Oregon and we're stoked to share this song Blockhead with you since it's the first song from our upcoming LP on Iron Lung Records! Thanks a million.

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To Live or Live Not

by Duncan Reid and the Big Heads

Hi. This is the first video track from our new, 4th album, 'Don't Blame Yourself'. It's the story of a man who decides enough is enough, rents his house out on Airbnb, catches a plane to Caracas and looks for a girl with whom to dance all night and sleep all day. After all, why go somewhere safe?

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by Reverie

The phase of leaving is a moment that often occurs, whether it is not because of one's own will or desired by others, but they are still trying to maintain what has become their choice. From our perspective REVERIE from Surabaya created this song titled 'ARIMA'.

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Hard Times

by Reliance

"Hard Times" is the promoted single from Arizona skate punk band Reliance's new album “Running”. Filled with positive energy and catchy melodic hooks.

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story of my life

by before they are hanged

Hey folks! We are before they are hanged, a punk 4 piece from the Derbyshire Peaks. Hope you like the track

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Miami Moon

by Noah Skape

Western Australian punk-rock singer/songwriter, and once lead-singer for WAM Award nominated theatrical-punk band 'FAIM', Noah Skape, continues his unpredictable and manic pop-songwriting legacy with his latest effort "Miami Moon", showcasing his passions for both punk rock and musical theatre.

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Whiskiegh Couke

by Dead Slow

Dead Slow formed in February 2019 as a 5 piece head banging bunch of wronguns heavily influenced by the stoner rock / punk & metal scene,. The band smashed on to the scene with their first show in September 2019 and have continued to play to growing audiences since.

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Night Rain

by Deeper Blue

Deeper Blue's mission is to musically orchestrate feelings experienced in dreams. Not just any dream, but the ones that linger and haunt us over time.

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by Crucial Features

Hey, we are Crucial Features, a grrrl punk band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Have you ever felt like procrastinating the whole day and watching stupid videos online? Or maybe encountered egoistic people? The track is digging into the subject of vanity and it's all there in the song!

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Big Shovel

by Mouth Feel

Hey! We're Mouth Feel from Winnipeg, MB and we just released our debut album. We've been a band for a couple years now. Feel free to download the album as many times as you want! We're super proud of it

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Take Me Home

by Tight Lipped

Hey guys, this track, Take Me Home, is the 1st on our new EP So Tight! It's super heavy old school, people call us 70's inspired, so we hope you'll take a listen. It's a banger. Feel free to post or share. Thanks!

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Bones Are Their Money

by The Denim Boys

If you don't listen to this song, you have to marry your mother-in-law. This is our tribute to the show I Think You Should Leave and we hope it's right in your Q-Zone, baby. Also, if you don't like it we'll have no choice but to kick your ass, sorry!!

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To Wound and Wander, Destitute

by Our Souls

We Are Our Souls, gruff melodic punk from the heart of Shitsville UK. This is the lead track from our 2nd EP 'Ive Made A Terrible Mistake' that 'will make you smile and spin kick round the place like Patrick Swayze in Road House' according to one reviewer

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