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Feels Good

by Slow Death

I exist in a dystopian reality where parasites pose as philanthropists, governing us ever close to destruction. This song is a tribute to their hysteria.

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Magic Eyes

by Nights Like Thieves

Hey everyone! Our song "Magic Eyes" is a heavy, fast paced, emotional driven punk rock song featuring Sonny Sandoval from the band P.O.D. This is the first track off our 3rd EP release titled "The Forgotten" and we'd be stoked if you gave it a listen! Rock it!

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When Am I Going to Sleep?


Hello guys. We are CUTTING TIES - a Brighton based emo-punk band that sounds less emo-punk but more like indie and post-hardcore mixed together. Expensive emo chords, fast-punk drums and loads of gang vocals.

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by This is Treason

Hey, I'm Ethan Treason, I started This is Treason a few years ago as an emotional hardcore band, but since I started it back up, I've been embracing significant elements of rap.

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Old But Still Handsome

by Futhermuckers

Hey Everyone, Futhermuckers here, and we´d like to introduce you to the lead track from our debut self-titled ep. Old But Still Handsome. Go on and give it a listen.....We dare never know, you just might like it.

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Hooligans shampoo

by Vanity Rose

Hi, my names vanity Rose and I am an up and coming new wave punk singer songwriter and guitarist from Bedford, Bedfordshire. Im aiming to be the spearhead of punk for this generation. Think Debbie Harry meets polystyrene! The world will never been the same again.

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Jump Outs


Hey hey! BBQT is serving up some exciting aural pleasure in an otherwise flaccid and frustrating time... Vinyl being released during the horniest time of the year....spring!

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by American Wristband

Hey...we play rock songs that are usually 2 minutes or less. This song is about confronting someone who is ignorant, about their ignorance; and their response to confronting them about their ignorance.

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by Subliminal Landmines

Hey guys! We're Subliminal Landmines, a punk band from Lafayette, LA, and this is our song "Ungrateful" off of our latest record 'Gibberish'. Tune into your inner hate and let loose with this one. Hope you enjoy

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Throw The Bones

by Ai

Ai is the name of a project band comprised of 2 humans. it really was a case of collaborate or self destruct. It's a feeling toned experience. Use the word Punk - as in attitude. enjoy yourself.

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Bin Day

by Animal Byproducts

Hiya, we’re Animal Byproducts, a soft-punk band with brass from Manchester/Leeds. We’re releasing an E.P on called ‘Attempts at Understanding’. One of the songs is ‘Bin Day’, about the patriarchy. It's got a big chorus, and meandering middle and an emphatic drum roll! Let us know what you think.

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by Donut Boy

We are Donut Boy, a three piece punk band from Washington, DC. On Tuesday, January 26 we will release a five track EP titled The Before Times. The Before Times features a mix of grungy, punk riffs and captivating choruses, juxtaposed against honest, and often political, vocal lines. Hope you enjoy!

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Dying breed

by Prizefighter

Hi. Just a couple oldish guys who still love to play punk/hardcore.

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Everybody's Famous

by Tonota 80

We are Tonota 80, three friends who like to make sweet music together and enjoy the odd Eccles cake. It would be lovely if someone liked us, double figures would be good.

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Fear Up

by Crazy Arm

We're back! It's been seven years since our last record and we have a new album out (on 29th January 2021). 'Fear Up' is taken from it. It sounds (in our tiny minds) like Ennio Morricone conducting the Constantines. Giddy up. x

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Yes Yes Yeah


LOBSTERBOMB is a new band fresh from the Berlin underground. Formed in a Berlin basement in 2020 by Nico Rosch, Vik Chi and Crayon Jones, LOBSTERBOMB makes raw, energetic and danceable indie garage rock. Their first single ‘Yes Yes Yeah’ was released in January 2021, with an EP following soon.

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by Spud

Hey dude, we are Spud we have played stoner genre where we have call our genre is left wing stoner. Lazuardi its our second single talking about how disgusting human behavior is reaching the worldly life they desire. From this song you can hear Stoner music with Hardcore Punk spirits.

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Swallow That Pill

by Tarah Who?

Hi Everyone, we our Tarah Who?, noisey punksters from Cali - and here is our new release out today 'Swallow That Pill'

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by Radio Silence

Radio Silence release new EP that explores themes of modern living, such as alienation in the face of technology and the pressure imposed by the rapidly growing debt collection industry.

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I Just Wanna Fuck a Cat

by Surprise Privilege

Greetings lobotomite, we are Surprise Privilege from San Francisco. We play all sorts of guitar music but poorly. This track is a metaphor for wanting to have sex with a cat, it's from our new album White Girl Music. We also like long walks in the park. Please pay attention to us.

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