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Can You See Me?

by Catholic Guilt

We're Catholic Guilt! And we're excited to share our 'feel sad hit of the summer', our new single 'Can You See Me?' about feeling lost. We hope you like it!

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All For Nothing

by Up From Here

Hey everyone, we're Up From Here. A newly signed pop punk/emo band from Tampa, Florida! "All For Nothing" is the title track on our new album. It captures the raw emotions of love and ambition colliding. And delivers an important message to our listeners: never give up on your dreams no matter what.

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by Halfway Atlantic

We're Halfway Atlantic, a pop punk band from Austin, TX. This track is our ode to summer and the good times and bad times that we wouldn't trade for a thing.

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Coffee Stains & Picture Frames

by Nervous Light

CS&PF is our first single since the release of out debut EP earlier this year! Inspired by modern emo rock bands like Movements, it details the journey through heartbreak and moving on, reflecting on the self destructive behaviors that can rear their head when left unchecked and unaddressed.

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Beyond The Pines

by Mads Francis

Mads Francis' grand entrance comes in the form of a six-track EP titled ‘The Violet Crown’, showcasing his dark mood, ear for melody, and affinity for modern pop-punk.

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Brand New Day

by Jack and Sally

"Brand New Day" is the pop-punk anthem everyone needs for a post-lockdown summer of freedom. Produced by Oz Craggs (Neck Deep, Mallory Knox), "Brand New Day" is a song about hope, and the search for a new beginning.

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Half to Life

by Wine & Warpaint

We're Brandon, Colleen, Hunter, Taylor, and Hannah, and we're called Wine & Warpaint, 2000s-inspired alternative pop-rock. Our new single "Half to Life" is about the difficulty in recovering from setbacks, something I think many of us experienced in the past year. Cheers!

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Face The Flames

by White Shores

Hey everyone! We're White Shores from Philadelphia and we'd like to introduce you to our debut single, "Face The Flames." It's a driving, fierce, and melodic banger chock-full of energy and angst.

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by A Tiger Made of Lightning

I'm Mike from A Tiger Made of Lightning, and this is my debut single! This song is about *gestures broadly at the current state of the world* and how to get through it. I think you'll be hooked in the first 30 seconds.

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'hello, i've got anxiety'

by ettie

Hello, I'm ettie and I drink a lot of wine and have a lot of feelings. This is my third release, 'Hello, I've Got Anxiety.' Struggling with anxiety disorder myself, I wanted to write a song that reflected the current climate we are in, while also hoping to give solace to whoever may need it.

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Right Where You Want Me

by happy place

Hello! My artist name is "happy place". This is the first song I recorded for this project and would love for you to check it out. More music is coming soon! :)

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Misery Maintenance

by Love Like Fiction

Hey Punktastic, we're Love Like Fiction from Phoenix, AZ. We hope you dig our brand new single and lyric video for "Misery Maintenance". The track is our tribute to the challenges of overcoming addiction and the struggles we all face when confronted with change.

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Okay Okay

by How To Escape Reality

嗨,My name is Sam. I daydream too much. I grew up in China. How To Escape Reality is my alternative rock project and my debut EP came out on March 27. This music is who I am. These songs make me feel alive. I hope you find something in them that resonates with you.

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Love Like Fiction

Hi! We're Love Like Fiction, We love Pop Punk, Emo and everything in between. We try our best to pour our heart and soul into our music, and to give you that fresh angsty feeling with a bit of modern sound sprinkled on.

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Dark Bloom

Out of the embers of several other musical projects and performing alongside acts such as CREEPER and DEAD! Dark Bloom flourished. Dark Bloom are a three-piece and their debut single, 'From The Storm' was inspired by the Netflix-series, 'Stranger Things' and revolves around the idea of foreboding.

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Brook Davis

Hey! We are Brook Davis and this is our first single, 'I Can't Keep This Up Anymore'. We hope you will sing along!

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Fairies! No Mercenaries

Hiya! I'm Theo this is my project, Fairies! No Mercenaries. I'm working on releasing a full album but in the mean time I have a music video for a single called Swansong. The video follows a girl being followed by a monster only she can see.

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Rival Town

Hey guys! We just released a new single/music video. The song itself deals with two of our members losing their mother to a vicious battle with brain cancer.

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Catch Fire

Catch Fire unveil new single 'Heist' today, from debut album 'Karma Owes Me A Lifetime Of Happiness' due 16th November on Rude Records "Heist is a song about depression and mental health. It’s about comparing everyone else’s seemingly happy state to yours, and the envy and sadness that can bring"

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Arrows In Action

Greeting! We're a Pop Punk band called Arrows in Action based in Gainesville, FL! We're all about good vibes, loud guitars, keepin' it weird. We like to think our music portrays an emotive, beach-y summer aesthetic, colored by witty, cutting & brutally honest lyrics. Check out our Coasting EP!

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