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by The Spite

Ey'up we're The Spite from Wakefield , our Bassist Bob can juggle Ferrets. True story.

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Greyest Days

by The Spite

Eyup , we are The Spite from Wakefield , DIY Melodic Rock. We cook a decent poachie' us lads.

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Ask the Dust

by Modern Shakes

We're Modern Shakes. Stand tall, let the headwinds howl" is the underlying message in Ask The Dust our new single. Life can be turbulent at times, the song explores life after uncomfortable events have settled and our ability to fight adversity.

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Your Idiot

by Lifewentpear

Hi, we are Lifewentpear, a punk band from Cologne, Germany. This is our new single "Your Idiot". It's a love song and it's about the pandemic. Yes, that makes two chlichés, complain to reality about it.

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Everything will turn out fine

by Clayton

'Clayton' hail from Nantes (France) and play a molitov cocktail of gritty punk rock and super catchy melodic punk goodness. Imagine mixing Leatherface and Samiam with elements of Ship Theives and you get a good idea of the bad ass jams these dudes will bring to your ear drums.

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by Neckscars

This is the first single from the upcoming Neckscars album, Don't Panic. "Jarring" is a fist-pumping number about improving your health.

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Return to Hell

by Spun

This is our first single in a year, at the start of 2020 we lost our studio and then the pandemic hit... This threw us off, but we are back with 2:20 seconds of riffs and hooks! Return to hell is about returning to negative and sometimes self destructive patterns after you thought you'd moved on.

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Good Hangs

by Weekend Dads

Hey Folks, Weekend Dads put out a new EP called Good Hangs on It's Alive Records. The vinyl and touring is on hold while the world burns, but you can still give it a listen as you vacuum or quarantine. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Take care. James and WD

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Whisky Eyes

by Hummer

Two engineers and an academic playing catchy, melodic punk music.

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Lockdown Philosophies

by Atticus City Rising

Atticus City Rising are from Nelson, New Zealand / Aotearoa. Recorded over Lockdown, with the equipment at their disposal, it's their first release. Reminiscing late 90's Uk style, Crackle'esq tunes with a bit of old git emo that could be played faster.

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Dolphin Suicide

by Laserchrist

South east London dirty melodic psych punks Laserchrist are back with new single 'Dolphin Suicide'. It's the band's first new material since their 2018 Plasterer Records EP 'DIY-bother?' And it's heavier (and angrier) than normal.

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We like making rockin' tunes with lots of distortion!

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Straight outta Crofton, London (via Durban, South Africa)! Leatherface and Iron Chic meet The Smashing Pumpkins and Pixies through the door of Kukundu...

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Hey, we're a punk rock trio from Cardiff called Deadlines. We play aggro pop punk in the vein of Leatherface and Jawbreaker - our new album 'End Of History' is out May 11th via Circle House Records.

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Only Strangers

Only Strangers are a punk rock band from Stoke-on-Trent who formed in 2010, they still produce awesome music, reminiscent of Hot Water Music, Lawrence Arms, Hummer and Iron Chic.

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