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Black Moth

Hey! We are Black Moth and if you like big riffs then check out our new single Moonbow from our next album Anatomical Venus out on 2nd March.

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El Chupa Cobras

El Chupa Cobras were a manic, oddball rock band from Montgomery, Alabama. Our final record is about the unraveling of relationships. Freak and Roll on 11.

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Greyhaven are a progressive metal band from Louisville, Kentucky that just signed to Graphic Nature / Equal Vision Records! Features impactful, driving energy and underlying ethereal tones that set the stage for the band’s abrasive compositions.

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Titano Boa

Hi! we are Titano Boa! a new band from Cali, Colombia! we just recorded our very first album and want it to share with you! We put Hardcore Metal and Crust and even hip hop in the blender and then mix!!!! its the voice of people tired of the violence in this city, the inequality.. hope you like it!!

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Oceans Of Slumber

Oceans of Slumber mystify listeners with atmospheric melodies over darkened dynamics that range from the perversely sinister to the adventurously progressive, creating an undeniably epic wall of sound that has become the Texans’ trademark.

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We are a small, 3 piece Hardcore/Metal/Punk band from Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

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