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by Volka

We're Volka and our new track 'Run' is about self-doubt and feelings of exasperation with a bouncy pop-punk energy for a slightly different vibe to some of our material which tends to be dark and stomping. From Scotland and formed in 2015 we're all about high-energy live shows and catchy riffs.

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by Dude Trips

“I haven’t written too many break up songs but I feel this one is emotive and the most important one I have written to date—showing that everything can fall apart even at the best of times."

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by Macatier

Hi there! My name is Dan and I play indie-punk music under the name Macatier. "Lacerations" is the first track off my forthcoming self-recorded album "Native Noise, and this song about a time I spent in hospital. The whole album was recorded at home in lockdown.

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Lost in Blue

by Dancer

Hey, we're Dancer from Portland, ME. Check out our new single and music video for "Lost in Blue". The track is taken from our debut EP, set to drop later this year.

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We are MAUVE, a three piece rock pop band from Cambridge/London. We started the band officially in 2017 and we released our debut EP "Pulled Apart" last year with the sole aim to create simplistic, hard hitting, fuzzy rocks songs with pop soaked melodies.

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We are Crashes from Glasgow! We combine pop sensibilities with emotional heft; angular, heavy breakdowns juxtapose with dreamy guitar lines to achieve a wide and unique result. Our EP 'The Lightning Age' is out now via Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

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Dude Trips

Hi there! We are Dude Trips, an Emo quartet from the north east of Scotland! We take influence from past times and heartbreak and tell stories in the songs we write. Our songs might make you sad but hopefully you can take some positivity from it. We just released our new music video.

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Hey folks, we are Alloway, a 5 piece alt-rock outfit hailing from Glasgow/Ayr, Scotland. We recently put out our debut single 'East Wind', which is a must for anyone who likes big choruses and even bigger outro's. Check out the video we put out with it!

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