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Try My Blood

by Skeletosphere

Hi I'm Skeletosphere! I'm a 20 year old queer Mexican-American female pop punk artist from Nevada based in LA. "Try My Blood" is just one song off my debut EP called Lovetaker. The four songs invoke a gloomy, revenge-esque, glam rock mood that is perfect for listeners to jam out to. Hope you enjoy!

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I Don't Like Feeling Great

by As December Falls

As December Falls is an UK alternative/ emo rock band fighting against the tide of a change in the rock scene towards electronic influenced songs.

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'hello, i've got anxiety'

by ettie

Hello, I'm ettie and I drink a lot of wine and have a lot of feelings. This is my third release, 'Hello, I've Got Anxiety.' Struggling with anxiety disorder myself, I wanted to write a song that reflected the current climate we are in, while also hoping to give solace to whoever may need it.

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Pink Lemonade

All girl pop-punk trio Pink Lemonade here! We've created our sound by exploring the close vocal harmonies in popular music paired with raunchy overdriven guitar riffs, punchy bass grooves and steady rock drum beats. With our catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, we bring a bit of sparkle to the industry!

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Brent Butler

Hey all! Got a new vid from Brent Butler here. Brent's music is an energetic and emotional blend that takes influence from pop punk, glam, rap and more.

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Sarah Sunday

Power pop punk! Born from a casual meeting at the local mall, and now our 1st single, Come and Find Me

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