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by allcaps.

Hi, we're allcaps.! We're a pop-punk/emo band from the Netherlands. The track we want to introduce is called mountain. It's a new, refreshing sound for us as a band with catchy guitar riffs, combining calmness and total mayhem. Some might call it pure heartbreak.

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It's Like Losing Everything

by Good Things

Hey ya'll! We're Good Things - a punk band from NY. Our new single and music video "It's Like Losing Everything" is hopefully right up your alley. We try to write gut-wrenching lyrics paired with punk-influenced smart songwriting. Hope you like it!

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What We Dwell On


Hey guys! We are PSTCRDS and we have just released our new song "What We Dwell On". With a fresh anthemic sound added to the mix, the track is about the emotions surrounding a failing friendship. Eventually you can only try for so long to keep someone in your life who doesn’t want to be there.

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Cat's Cradle

by strayfare

Psst! Hey, wrote this song about my cat. It's off our new album Semi-formal. Sounds sick muted. Trust me.

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by Overset

After playing shows with bands like WSTR and ROAM, we spent some time looking for a fresh sound and have delivered a single we are extremely proud of. Influenced by bands like Hot Mulligan, we wrote this song for anyone who has ever lost someone and had to deal with the hardship that followed.

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by Loose End

We're Loose End from Melbourne Australia. Our new single ‘Discontent’ is a candid look into the experience of burnout and its effect on the enjoyment of success. It’s also a love song – a glimpse into how romance can bring with it new perspectives. Hope you enjoy!

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Out Cold

UK punk pop quintet OUT COLD are set to break through with the launch of their engulfing new single, Break Me Down, out now. This captivating track pulls from hard-hitting classic pop-punk and engaging melodic hardcore.

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Hey everyone! Check out Slackrrs latest video 'Lights On' premiered by BlankTV - they've recently released their debut EP which sold out on their online store within 48 hours, they've played almost 150 shows in the last 18 months and are currently working with On The House Music Management!

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We're Overset - a pop-punk band based in Liverpool who have spent the last year playing all around the country. We've just dropped our new single 'Hard Truth'. a song exploring how it feels to live in the real world while coping with anxiety and depression. Check it out

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Sunday Morning

Alternative band, Sunday Morning, has embraced the DIY ethic with their new EP, "In All Honesty". With punchy drums, heavy and soft guitars, thumping bass, and honesty and related lyrics, the song "Wave" embodies all of this.

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These Five Years

Miss what's passed, love whatever comes. South Wales Pop Punk

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