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by Snark

We're Snark! We're excited to share our new song "Stay" with you. It's an oddly positive song about losing a loved one and searching for closure. We tackle a relatively heavy topic with a high-energy song that you can bop to - because there's nothing more cathartic than dancing away that darkness.

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Out Of Time

by Columbus

This is a song I wrote about my experience with the persistent background static of worry that fills our heads, and often goes unnoticed. It’s so easy to feel an overwhelming sense of dread or helplessness towards situations in our lives, let alone towards a global pandemic disease. - Alex Moses

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by Loose End

We're Loose End from Melbourne Australia. Our new single ‘Discontent’ is a candid look into the experience of burnout and its effect on the enjoyment of success. It’s also a love song – a glimpse into how romance can bring with it new perspectives. Hope you enjoy!

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by Waxflower

'Together' is a conversation between me (Tristan) and my anxiety. There was year long period of my life that was dominated by daily panic attacks and I wanted to capture the inner monologue that was happening. I’m still anxious, I always will be, but my relationship with anxiety has changed.

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