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On Uranus

by Morningviews

Hey guys, we're an italian band from (near) Perugia. We play a post-hardcore, post-rock hybrid built on contrappositions, from very loud to very quiet, with whispered, shouted, spoken vocals. Our lyrics are sung in english, okay, it won't be the best version of english being italian speaking dudes.

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Peaceful Retreat

Hi friends, we are an instrumental post-rock band from Las Vegas. We draw influence from a wide range of composers, musicians, and films. The music moves through a variety of different emotions, both low and high while painting sonic landscapes. Our full album “Genesis” is streaming everywhere now!

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Weary Eyes

Hey guys, we are Weary Eyes, we play loud and noisy instrumental stuff on the verge of math, punk and hardcore. We tend to experiment with the sound a lot. Come check us out!

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