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Up and Down

by Jared Both

I am a Canadian songwriter who lives in London Ontario and 'Up and Down' is the first single from an upcoming EP release title 'The Secret Hymns'. recorded live off the floor and mixed by Nimal Agalawatte (from the band Basement Revolver). It's lo-fi and earnest storytelling by a group of friends.

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by Breakfast for Turtles

Hi folks! We're a folk-punk-adjacent kinda post-punk band out of Philly, and we just launched our first EP, Old Gods & End Times. Revelation is a heavy, lyrical, high-energy eulogy for a dying planet.

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Life On Standby

by Movin In Stereo

Hey! We are Movin In Stereo from Gothenburg, Sweden. If ya like a catchy tune and goodtimes then we are the perfect Tinder date for you.

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When the Conspiracy Becomes the Truth


Hi! We are the band DOKA from Sweden and we have done this since 2009. 2018 we released our latest and best album Separate Ways. The single When the Conspiracy Becomes the Truth have it all! Good and important lyrics, great melodies and the perfect hook! The Music video is really awesome! Don't miss!

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No Surrender

by The Cryptkeeper Five

We are The Cryptkeeper Five. We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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Holding Out

Hi! We're Holding Out. We're an experimental Melodic - Punk Rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. We're always developing our sound and experimenting with different genres we can bring into the mix.

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Silence Is Chaos

Hey there! I'm Samy from Silence Is Chaos, a punk rock band out of Lugano, Switzerland. Earlier this year we released our third record "Hopes and Losses", and we would like you guys to give it a listen, I'm sure you will like what you hear!

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The Downsides

We’re a punk band from the deserts just north of Los Angeles. We released our debut EP September 2018 and recently put out our music video. Influenced by bands like The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me! & Alkaline Trio.

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Hello Everyone - we're back with a new EP 'Short Shrift', released on Little Rocket Records. The EP is a new view on what we had set out to do, breathing fresh life into our Midwest hearts.

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Dad Nap

Hi there, I'm Strong but I also go by Dad sometimes, I have this one man DIY Folk Punk band called Dad Nap, I just put out a new EP called 'Worn out' that I'm really proud of. I sing about modern politics and inequality and i also sing about the human condition and love.

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Hands Up

Heey! Hands Up is a four piece band that plays melodic, catchy punk-rock singalongs set to the words of an eight year old girl! Ben (vocals), documents the everyday life of his daughter throughout his lyrics. Set to a punk-rock backdrop of energetic drums, punching bass and crunching guitars!

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Dead End Drive-In

Hello! We are Dead End Drive-In of Vancouver BC. Just released our first full-length, "Mea Culpa." It's filled with gutturally chanted, existential anthems and slick guitar harmonies. In October we take a trip down the west coast for a 13 dates tour. Give us a listen.

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Space Is Big

Space is Big are bastard sons of rock serving up cosmic-sized slices of heavy guitars, ripping melodies and lyrics infused with the uncomplimentary flavours of optimism and dissatisfaction.

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8-Bit Heroes

In the age of Episode VIII, the 8-Bit Heroes banded together in an epic quest to rock some socks and smash some pots!

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Hey y'all! We're Tangie an emo band from Los Angeles. This is our first single Distancia off our upcoming EP In Real Life. We have poured our whole selves into this one and we hope you do enjoy. Quin She/Her xx

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The New Heat

Hello ladies and gentlemen. We're The New Heat, and this is a song off our EP 'We Said Our Prayers', which is out now on all them digital streaming services you crazy kids are on these days. Hope you like it. see ya!

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Nature Channel

Hello from Brighton garage-punks Nature Channel! Our last record got a lovely review from Punktastic ( and was well received by fans, and we're hoping that everyone loves our sophomore effort 'Almost Optimistic' just as much!

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Hi! We're vaguely folkish melodic punk band JSR! We have a shiny new album coming out in August 2018, but we just put out a teaser EP entitled "Demo" "2016". Here is the first track off of it, its the one that we like the best.

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High Home

Hey! We're High Home (formerly known as The Bryan Adams), a two-piece melodic punk band playing nostalgia-tinged heartland punk. If reminiscing wistfully on your youth is your thing, you'll fall in love with our EP, "Teenage Summer", a 12-minute blistering drive down memory lane.

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Fintan Stack

Fintan Stack is Dan, Chris, Adam, Duncan, and Bernie and is the amalgamation of musicians from well know bands from the U.K. punk scene featuring members of Hull punks Less Deceived, London pop punkers Spineless Yes Men and solo artist Duncan Ewart. We play punk rock/pop punk!

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