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From LONDON, this is Grand Theft Audio with some Rock/Punk Pop

  • Rock/Punk Pop

Ruin Your Youth

by Grand Theft Audio

People tend to believe bands know what the fuck they are doing - but let me tell you, they don’t. It's just an urge. For us, the whole GTA story was exactly that - something brilliant from the past urging us to do something more, so after our epic 20 year hiatus, we're back and ready to party!




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Our verdict

If you a fan of early 2000's teen movies, this is a name that might ring a bell. After 20 years away, gone is the electro-rock sound, replaced for a meatier, garage punk. Older, wiser, and more jaded, this track smacks in the face of anyone thinking they'll fake it till they make it. It'll make you nostalgic, whilst somehow reminding you to live in the present. Here's hoping we don't have to wait another 20 years.

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