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Hey! We are DARMA. A Manchester-based three-piece blend of grunge and alternative, with a catchy blast of feral rock and roll that comes with a dark, melodic stomp. We dropped a new EP "GLOOM" and it's out now!

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We are Priors, a garage punk band from Montreal. We released a new EP in 2018 on Slovenly Recordings! Priors features members of Sonic Avenues, Steve Adamyk Band, and the Famines.

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Motor City Crush

Hello World! We're the band 'Motor City Crush' from Detroit and we like to stomp out our own brand of exciting and energetic guitar-driven rock and roll. If you like gritty, sweaty, out-of-control R&R, we just may be the band for you. Hear it, and see it all at our website.

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Smokin' on Planes

We're a melodic, garage rock trio from Washington, DC that's often compared to The Replacements and Ryan Adams. We also get compared to garage bands veering toward the pop-punk/catchy end of the spectrum.

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Viagra Boys

An unapologetically febrile presence and animalistic energy. A sharp and potent distillation of punk at its most infectious, sleazy and dangerous.

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