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Djently Does It


Hey everyone! We’re PRSNRS, a progressive metalcore band from the UK, and this is our first ever single, “Djently Does It.” Its a bit heavy, a bit melodic, and just a touch epic, and we think that’s a recipe for a good song so we’d love it if you checked it out.

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Burning Heart


SIRIN is a Melodic Metalcore band from Southern Finland. Our music consists of empowering bright guitar leads and positive lyrical content mixed with heavy breakdowns.

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by Bleed Again

We have returned to the fold with a spanking new single, Survive, which is already picking up strong rotation on Kerrang! Radio. The single is out now and we have just released a video

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Here's Hoping


Hello world! This is our brand new single 'Here's Hoping'. It's a song that represents our sound perfectly with a nice balance of melodies and riffs. Lyrically, the song is about realising someones true colours and cutting them out of your life. There’s nothing worse than consistent negativity!

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Let's All Hold Hands

by Study of Us

Hiya humans, this is one of the tracks off of my debut album 'Neo-anderthals' called 'Let's All Hold Hands'. It's a quick 'punch you in the face' burst of Pop-Punk, Post-Hardcore, DnB amalgamated noise which I hope you'll love.

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Glass Cannon

by Alien Sky Cult

We are Alien Sky Cult, a metalcore/hardcore band from Guwahati, India. This is our new single GLASS CANNON.

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by Groom Lake

Hey Punktastic! We're Groom Lake from Brighton/Ipswich, and this is our new single Unearthed, from our upcoming EP Fallen Earth. The song is about the greed and corruption of those who seek to profit from the suffering of others. We hope you like the track! Groom Lake x

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by Oaths

Oaths are a dynamically violent post-hardcore trio based in Manchester.
We've been around for quite a while now but we're officialy back after a brief semi-hiatus.
Alone is our first official release; it's fast and loud, whilst having a little synthwave sprinkled in for good measure!

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Vague View

Hi guys, I'm Fred, guitar player in a Belgian metalcore/post-hardcore band called Vague View. We recently released our 8-track debut EP 'To Hell With Heaven' - I hope you guys like the track!

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The Oblyvion

The essential gifts in life had vanished into oblivion by politics, society and the government. Our mission is to revive the core of existence in order to make you believe again. // Nothing is true, everything is permitted. We are THEOBLYVION //

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Unleash The Pain

Hi! We are Unleash The Pain, a Metalcore band from Israel. We released our debut album 'Holes' in 2018, with 'Bow' being the second single from the record. We really believe you guys would find our music interesting!

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Black Water Chemistry

South Wales metal outfit Black Water Chemistry are carving out a prominent name for themselves, loaded with their brand new EP, Return To Ashes, out on Friday 31st August. Before then, the band have released the track Return To Ashes.

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Facing the Gallows

Simply put, the song is about getting OTJ (on the jol). The lyrics speak about living for yourself in the present, and going balls to the wall partying. We tried to capture this by shooting a full blown, good ol fashioned, house party filled with our closest friends that have always supported us.

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Kent heavy quintet Cove announce that their sophomore, EP ‘A Conscious Motion’, will be self-released on 23rd March 2018. With a chosen title that means something different to each member, guitarist Pete Woolven explains his own interpretation as concerning “conscious change"

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Hi there! My name is Franz from a band called SCINTILLA, we recently released our music video for our debut single, “Kingsglaive” featuring Ryo of Crystal Lake. The song is about a character losing all the things that are dear to him for the greater good. We hope you'll check it out!

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