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Final Girl

by The Jacklights

'Final Girl' is the first single from our forthcoming EP of the same name. It's got horror movie references, a 90s pop punk sound, fun 50's era rock and roll influences -- something for everyone!

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Why Weren't They Stunned

by Emily Davis and The Murder Police

We're Emily Davis and The Murder Police! Our new single "Why Weren't They Stunned?" (from our new LP out June 25), about how the government isn't concerned/doesn't care when it comes to the role we play in climate change, the pandemic, etc., & that lack of urgency keeps biting us in the ass.

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Three Fingers

We're Three Fingers! A power pop punk band from Seattle, WA loaded with feminism and humor.

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Swan Prince

Hey! We are a Redditch based punk rock band called Swan Prince. We have just released our debut EP in time for our upcoming gigs with Teenage Bottlerocket, The Murderburgers, The Bompops & Mest. We hope you’ll check us out and maybe come to a gig, we try to gig a lot! Xoxo

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Sweet Diego

Hey, we're Sweet Diego from the West Midlands, and this song is called Small Steps from our second EP, "The After Party". The song is about being down and out, being stuck in a rut but slowly getting out of it.

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