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Fine By Me

by ATTN Deficit Squirrel

We are ATTN Deficit Squirrel: a new high-energy, synth-driven Pop Punk Rock band from Cincinnati that features catchy riffs, memorable choruses, and a refreshing, yet nostalgic take on the genre, reminiscent of late-90's/early-00's Pop Punk.

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by Something To Someone

Something To Someone is a pop-punk act formed in 2019 in Indonesia. The band have released a new single and music video entitled Hilang. This song, taken from Something To Someone's upcoming EP, tells the story of losing a loved one and plays with simple chords and tone.

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by Slackrr

Hey guys, we're Slackrr and we've had an exciting first two years as a band, with over 260 shows, multiple tours & festival appearances including a headline slot at 2019's Isle of Wight Festival, and the release of our debut album. 'Reflections' is the first single from our upcoming second album.

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Sit Down

by Endless Season

Hey People, my name is Anthony and this is my project Endless Season and the debut single 'Sit Down' is officially out on July 10th. It's an upbeat track with a deep message about wanting to escape from a situation you feel trapped in.

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by Winona Avenue

Hey guys, we are Winona Avenue and this is our new song, 'Masterpiece'. This song talks about how even when you feel worthless, insignificant, and like you're not enough, you were created as a masterpiece. If you open your eyes and look in the mirror, you will see a masterpiece. We hope you love it.

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by Coffee Talk

Hi, we are a new Pop Punk Band from Germany and this is our video for our first single 'Reflections'.

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Out Of Time

by Columbus

This is a song I wrote about my experience with the persistent background static of worry that fills our heads, and often goes unnoticed. It’s so easy to feel an overwhelming sense of dread or helplessness towards situations in our lives, let alone towards a global pandemic disease. - Alex Moses

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Cruiser Wheels

by Different Flies

Different Flies is a DIY punk project based in a bedroom in the Chicago Suburbs. This is the last song on their first record, 'he robot life'. It is about being yourself in spite of all the expectations placed on you by society and your stupid job - at times even your friends and family.

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Kissed By The Stars

by doubting

We're an Irish emo/pop(-ish) punk band and this is the first real track we're putting out, following the release of some self-recorded (read: shite quality) demos we put out last year. Our new track is hopefully the first of many and features a mix of sounds from pop-punk to emo to post-rock.

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Things Only You'll Know

by The Challenged

Hey Every Buddy! We're a long-running punk band from NYC. Here's a brand new song, Things Only You'll Know, off of our 7th full length, Wallfighter.

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Thinking Clear

by The Second After

Hey friends, we're four-piece The Second After from Raleigh, NC! We spent much time thinking about the past and imagining the future, but now we have 2020 vision. We're 'Thinking Clear' while moving forward, we hope you love the track!

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Out Of Reach

by Heavy Hearts

During our time as a band, there have been a lot of high points and a lot of lows. We’ve had to make a lot of decisions as a group, and sometimes wish we did things differently. We’ve worked with people who may not have had our best interests in mind and “Out of Reach” is about those experiences.

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Safe Zone

by Mudfight

Mudfight bring back modern sounding 90s punkrock to the youth scene! Safe Zone comes with a blazing bassline, great diversity from other punk tracks and addresses the fear to leave one´s own comfort zone!

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Hi, we are PLÅSTIC. Our new single Bled draws on our shameless teenage love of 2000's indie and pop-punk, our adolescent love of 90's Britpop and grunge, and our adult love of 80's new wave and alternative.

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by Years Later

We're Years Later from Grand Rapids, MI and this is our first release! The song was produced by Seth Henderson (Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, State Champs). Given the subject matter of the lyrics, we thought it made sense to release this song during these tough times. Hope you enjoy!

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Misery Maintenance

by Love Like Fiction

Hey Punktastic, we're Love Like Fiction from Phoenix, AZ. We hope you dig our brand new single and lyric video for "Misery Maintenance". The track is our tribute to the challenges of overcoming addiction and the struggles we all face when confronted with change.

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Shadow In The Dark

by A Swift Farewell

We are A Swift Farewell from Sydney, Australia. This is our latest track Shadow in the Dark, from our debut EP: Shattered Glass which is out now. It explores that feeling when you know a relationship has run its course, but you just can't let it go. So good when we play it live!

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Dead to Me

by Drowning Days

Hi, we are Drowning Days. We are a pop-punk/emo band from The-Middle-of-Nowhere, UK. Our debut single "Dead to Me" is about the process of losing a to circumstances that are beyond your grasp. Hope you enjoy!

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Abusive Things

by Sharp Bones

Hey Guys, we are Sharp Bones from London and this is our new single “Abusive Things” The song is about an abusive relationship - getting put down and kicked down all the time. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Far From Perfect

by Neverlyn

We hope you enjoy our new single and music video, Far From Perfect ft. Zac Eisenstein of Man Overboard. Our new album, 'Beauty Sleep' is out now on Manic Kat Records!

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