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by Bitch Hunt

Hey! We are Bitch Hunt, a queer alt-rock band from London. ‘Shapeshifter’ is about being non-binary, about how different people perceive you. It's also about meeting other trans people and queers and being seen as who you are. It’s a fairly lively track about the joy of connection

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by Mothercanyouhearme

Hey we're best gal pal London duo, Mothercanyouhearme. After meeting at uni and graduating we decided to become Mothers and birthed our baby = Mothercanyouhearme. This song touches on drug use and constantly fighting to find true happiness without chemically altering your mind.

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The Total Bettys

We're The Total Bettys - a four-piece, queer, feminist pop punk band from San Francisco, California. We released our second album This is Paradise last year, and it is about the struggle to put yourself back together after going through something trying.

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