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Backseat Driver

by Weekend Punks

Weekend Punks play Surf Pop, but with relatively little experience of surf or sun. Reverb on everything, distortion on most things, and a nostalgia for places and times never visited.

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End of History

by Time Cops

Time Cops are not revealing much about who they are. Some have described them as a lost cult band that vanished without a trace... glitched out of time... back from the void... The end of history is coming.

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Front-woman Sarah Cogan says the new track is about “the feeling of naiveté and being unable to predict certain situations when in possible danger.” She adds, “This innocence, for women especially, is impossible to maintain as you grow older.”

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Hi there, we are Hiding from Berlin / Stuttgart (Germany) and will release our self titled compilation "Hiding" on June 29th 2018 digitally and on cassette. If you're into sad Lo-Fi tunes made for losers give it a listen!

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