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by A Swift Farewell

‘Salt’ is an energetic and catchy emo pop punk anthem, with dark-toned lyrics that capture the frustration of feeling trapped in someone else's expectations. The track is an exploration of the feeling of being demanded to change by someone else, but refusing to comply.

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Paradise ft. SayWeCanFly

by The Wildfires Projekt

Paradise is the story of those who have experienced the truth of Hollywood. While it may be paved with gold in our heads, the true reality is that most people who come seeking fame and fortune often end up less than who they were before. Hollywood isn’t as beautiful as it seems...

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Hey Girl

by Fabian Secon

Hey! This is my new single "Hey Girl". I’ve always wanted to expand more into the punk/pop-punk world, as this comes very naturally to me. The melodies in my music have always been inspired by alternative, pop and rock music, so it was an obvious progression.

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Hello! My name is Reece, otherwise known as Binama (not by many as I'm still very small, haha) and I've recently got into recording music! I dabble in emo/hip-hop right now and I'm planning to release my first album this summer!

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