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Paradise ft. SayWeCanFly

by The Wildfires Projekt

Paradise is the story of those who have experienced the truth of Hollywood. While it may be paved with gold in our heads, the true reality is that most people who come seeking fame and fortune often end up less than who they were before. Hollywood isn’t as beautiful as it seems...

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Through Oblivion

by Olly E

Hey guys. I'm Olly E and I'm an Alternative Rock Solo Artist from Leicestershire, UK. I aim to give hope through my music to those who feel lost or alone. Through Oblivion confirms this, written about celebrating life; being grateful for the small things and being positive through hard times.

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by Jack J. Alexander

I'm a emo rap artist based in Galway, Ireland and i'm delighted to announce ‘Subconsciously’ my first single to be released on 20/10/21 . ‘Subconsciously’ is a sub-4 minute alt-rock meets hip hop anthem with influences from emo, pop-punk, and metal. It's about having to be distant in order to grow.

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