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Myb Nxt Yr

by southstate

Bassist Sam Ma, guitarist Bradly Sharp and drummer Travis Huffine Jr bring together a diverse range of influences in their music, from heavy hitting pop-punk melodies to emotional heartfelt lyrics. 'Mby Nxt Yr' is the first single to be taken from a much-anticipated debut EP due out in early 2020.

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Alien Girl

by The Happy Sun

While re-visiting the tunes of his past Gerhard got more and more inspired to write new material that captured the same spirit, songs that stood for a new style and didn’t have much in common with the electronic sounds of GD LUXXE anymore. This was the birth of THE HAPPY SUN.

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Hey guys, this is our rendition of Mandy Moore's Cry. We had so much fun recording this song! Hope you guys like it! - Dolby, Aris, Brent, Robbie

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Make the Oceans Move

by Zach Frost

Hey Punktastic! My name is Zach Frost and this is my new single 'Make the Oceans Move'. It's about being in control of your own destiny and not letting anyone or anything stand in the way of achieving your dreams.

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Locked Door

by After Elmer

Hey Punktastic, what's up? We are After Elmer, a Rotterdam-based pop punk band of three brothers, Jaap, Pieter en Thomas. Long story short; our previous bands broke up and we decided to give it a shot and DAMN it feels good this time around! Our new single Locked Door is out now!

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Underline The Sky

Oh hey, didn't see you there. We're Underline The Sky, and as Suffolk got running water and broadband last year, we're able to send you our new single "Promises", a banging emo anthem about not being able to keep your promises! Bloody hard ain't it.

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My Immortal Enemy

From the ashes of Epitaph Records I Am Ghost comes a new project led by vocalist Steven Juliano. The group took a year to write and record, 'AKUMA', 13 soaring rock anthems

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Danny Wright

Hiya!, My name is Danny Wright, I am a Singer-Songwriter based in London, Ive been doing music for a while, formerly in the singer and songwriter for other UK bands. I am now busy with my solo project and I have this new video I would love you to check out, it's a song i wrote with my fans. Enjoy!

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Lost From The Start

Lost From The Start is an energetic pop punk band from Limburg (BE). By utilising melodic guitar parts and catchy, yet thoughtful lyrics, the band reaches out to everyone trying to find their way. A fair warning though, the songs might get stuck in your head for days. A trip down memory lane.

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We're Amarionette from Las Vegas. Check out our new release "Chemistry", drawing on influence from indie, rock and pop, combining big hooks with synth-fueled retro vibes.

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Seattle band Tacocat are set to release This Mess Is A Place, their new full-length album on Friday, May 3rd. The sparkly new album is their first for Sub Pop, and heralds a more pop-driven and ebullient direction in their sound.

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Her Burden

Hey! We are Her Burden, a Pop Rock four iced from Leicester UK! Inspired by by old school punk bands like Green Day & Blink182, we also take influence from modern pop and indie artists. This mix of influences has led us to bring our own sound to the pop punk genre. So check us out!!!

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Hello, Atlantic

Hey Punktastic, we're Hello, Atlantic from Providence Rhode Island. We're pleased to share our brand new music video for "Night Life", taken from our upcoming EP, set for release next year. Night Life is a creepy, crawly, creatures of the night song!

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Hi guys! We are VSTHEWORLD a local band from Manila, Philippines. We've just released our debut EP "A Different Perspective" which is now available on major digital stores worldwide. If you grew up listening to early-mid 2000s music then you should definitely check the record out!

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Hi guys! Check out my new single "Wandering Eye". It's an infectious blend of gritty guitars, soulful vocals and hard hitting melodies and I hope you dig it!

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Dagan Harding Band (feat. Surf Dads)

Hello, we are the Dagan Harding Band (feat. Surf Dads) and this EP is our second release. We are and Indie Rock back that likes melodic clean guitar driven indie rock. We have two videos to support this release.

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Atlas For Home

Young band from France with pop rock vibes just unveiled their new single "Join The Club" ffo The Rocket Summer & Simple Plan

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This is the first single from Cusses sophomore album, "Golden Rat". It premiered over at Revolver Magazine, who called it "a study in what the band does best: balance darkness, light and sludgy guitar riffs."

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My Pleasure

I met myself in Hull, UK, in 1988 when I was born and have been together ever since. I describe myself as “weird pop” because my mum thinks it’s weird. She doesn’t like the ones that use distortion and she describes them as “scratchy”. I’m aiming to release as many albums as possible before I die.

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Blake Kardashian

Hello! I've been a touring musician for the past decade, playing in bands punk such as DC Fallout, Sic Waiting, and Hit the Switch. Though I grew up playing metal and punk rock, I'm also a huge fan of pop. My first solo album attempts to capture heavier and softer styles in ten tracks. Thank you!

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