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Something In My Eye

by Marcus Wynwood

My name is Marcus and I'm a musician from Penguin in Tasmania. Recently I released “Something In My Eye”, and I was hoping you’d like to check it out. The song is influenced by overcoming internal barriers, and that you’ve missed your shot. The message is to trust yourself and just go for it!

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Choice Chance Change

by Secondhand Habit

'Choice Chance Change' is the newest single off our upcoming album Contact High, out September 25th. This song has been with the band for several years and undergone significant changes during that time. We are beyond happy with how it turned out and love it's high intensity!

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The Jacks

Sending you the new gritty indie rock new single from Southern California four piece The Jacks. Entitled “Tonight” the single features gritty guitar, energetic percussion and influences of early Brit rock. The band have been selling out high profile venues including The Troubadour and The Roxy.

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Dagan Harding Band (feat. Surf Dads)

Hello, we are the Dagan Harding Band (feat. Surf Dads) and this EP is our second release. We are and Indie Rock back that likes melodic clean guitar driven indie rock. We have two videos to support this release.

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Beachwood Coyotes

Hey guys, we're Beachwood Coyotes from Los Angeles and check out our new single 'Discipline'. We hope you love it!

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Tommy London

Hey everyone! My name is Tommy London and this is my debut single "Sugar Red". I promise my debut single will take you from 0 to 60mph in just three chords. Don't believe me? Press turn it up....little bit more...there ya go! Thank me later! ;)

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