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"A Change In My Condition"

by The Second After

Hey everybody! We're SO excited for you to hear our newest EP 'We Are Who We Are'. It encourages everyone, ourselves included, to be our whole selves, regardless of outside thoughts.

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Abusive Things

by Sharp Bones

Hey Guys, we are Sharp Bones from London and this is our new single “Abusive Things” The song is about an abusive relationship - getting put down and kicked down all the time. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Moving On

by Last Day Before Holiday

Hello Guys, We're Last Day Before Holiday an Italian Pop-Punk from Italy since 2007. Moving On is the new single from our new EP released in November on People Of Punk Rock Records. The song is about focusing on yourself and trying to overcome the hard times. Hope you like it! thanks

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Hollowed Out

by Cliffhanger

Hey everyone! We're Cliffhanger from Chicago's western suburbs. We recently released a brand new EP and Hollowed Out is our leading single. Hollowed Out focuses on the challenge of finding self-awareness when you're engulfed with difficult situations.

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Yo everyone, we are Pessimist! We try to write and play Pop Punk in a way that is different to other similar-sounding bands of our genre. We like to play shows, write music, eat good food and hang out with good friends. The video for our new single "Boneless" is attached, so please check it out. Pea

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Zombie Schoolboy

We are Chicago's Zombie Schoolboy and we are revenge music for the broken-hearted. We've been a band for a little over a year starting in March of 2017, and we consist of members from national acts The Fall Four, Danger Is My Middle Name, The Fastest Kid Alive, and Third Times A Charm.

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All Ends Well

Brand new Pop Punk band releasing our first single March 7th! jam packed with energy, guitar solos and drum rolls that'll leave you listening over and over.

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