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by mirabelle.

Hi we're mirabelle. a bunch of dudes trying to sound like a californian band ind Paris, which is not easy to do as most of us are into super heavy metalcore lmao - we're basically Chunk no Captain chunk's cousins (they are actually friends of ours!) The track River is from our upcoming EP!

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The One Who Pushed (feat. Joey Fleming)

by Rival Town

If you've been looking for that high energy break up song, look no further. Rival Town has you covered. Huge hooks, soaring vocals and a dope feature from Joey Fleming (In Her Own Words), this song has it all.

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Hollowed Out

by Cliffhanger

Hey everyone! We're Cliffhanger from Chicago's western suburbs. We recently released a brand new EP and Hollowed Out is our leading single. Hollowed Out focuses on the challenge of finding self-awareness when you're engulfed with difficult situations.

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by Dive At Dawn

Hey we're Dive At Dawn a Pop Punk band from Orange County, California. We've been working on Shrink for a while so share it with a friend and let us know what you think!

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Right On, Kid

Hey, we're Right On, Kid, from New Mexico! Our new EP 'When Words are Enough' is out now on Manic Kat Records. We hope you enjoy our lead single, "Tracer" featuring Knuckle Puck & Homesafe's Ryan Rumchaks.

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Dive At Dawn

Hey, We’re Dive At Dawn from Orange County, CA. We’re a “pop punk” band that’s just trying to get our music out to people. This past year we’ve had the opportunity to play with some great touring bands like young culture, homesafe, and Belmont. We would love it if you could check out our music!

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Never Home

Hey Punktastic, we're Never Home, a pop-punk band from Charlotte, NC. We came together with a common desire: to play music that we believe in, and to create something that would outlive us. This is reflected in our melodic and emotional brand of pop-punk.

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